Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer Sale

Hello! Since Memorial Day is almost upon us, I thought I would offer a sale to those interested in getting some red, white and/or blue. Bows, pony-o streamers or woven headbands ordered between Memorial Day and July 4th* that include red, white, or blue will be 25% off! All bows made from exclusively red, white, and blue will be 35% off and all bows and streamers made with flag ribbon will be 40% off.

Please contact me at (806)445-1588 or at or you can always catch me on Facebook!

Thank you all so much for your constant and overwhelming support. God bless!

*Please note that if you need your bows, streamers, or headbands before July 4th, I will need your order by June 15th to ensure delivery. It is possible I can get Lubbock or Canadian orders done after that, but please ask before placing your order. Also I will be leaving town for the July 4th holiday so if you do not receive an immediate response from me on orders placed after July 1st, I will be in touch as soon as I get back into Lubbock.

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